Huge crowds at heated healthcare rallies in Valley

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PHOENIX - Huge crowds rallied in the name of health care Saturday in the Valley.


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Two very different rallies took place.

Shadegg threatened any disruptive people would be thrown out. The first rally was outside democratic Congressman Harry Mitchell's office in Scottsdale.

The group outside Rep. Mitchell's were there to protest the current health care bill.

Julie Smith, from Gilbert tells 3TV, "We're just mad as hell." Diana del Principe added, "Just disdain for the health care bill." They say the reform is too expensive and too intrusive. Del Principe says, "We are Americans and we should make the decisions."

Others demanded Mitchell host a forum so they could air their concerns in person over the health care bill.

Republican Rep. John Shadegg also held a town hall Saturday in Scottsdale. Shadegg warned the crowd that disruptive behavior would not be tolerated. The crowd listened and also got to speak out against the health care bill.

The relatively supportive crowd remained civil for the republican congressman, unlike crowds who have confronted and disrupted similar town halls held by democrats in Arizona and across the country over the last few days.

So many people showed up at the Shadegg event that it grew into a safety hazard and an hour into the town hall, police and fire officials had to ask hundreds to leave. Organizers were not prepared for this many people to show up.