UPDATE: Police arrest suspect in suspicious mobile home fire

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PHOENIX -- Police have arrested the man they believe might have intentionally started a mobile home fire early Tuesday morning.


Firefighters calling mobile home fire suspicious - Investigators are calling an early morning fire at a Phoenix mobile home suspicious.

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Arson investigators, including a Phoenix fire dog, spent a good part og the morning on the scene near 32nd and Roosevelt streets.

The mobile home went up in flames shortly after 6:00 Tuesday morning. By the time fire crews arrived on the scene, flames had engulfed the structure, shooting from the roof and pouring from the windows. While firefighters were not able to save the home, they did keep the fire from spreading. No injuries were reported.

What initially piqued investigators' interest is that the landlord reportedly evicted the tenants -- a boyfriend and girlfriend -- earlier in the morning, supposedly for not paying their rent.

"[The tenants] all of a sudden disappeared, and literally right after leaving, the fire started," Capt. Gary Hernandez of the Phoenix Fire Department.

The couple left behind their dog and several details pointing the finger in their direction.

"We have some good witnesses. We have some people who live here who saw some things that are very helpful" Hernandez said. "We're going to go ahead and canvas the area and talk to those people."

That canvas lead investigators to a neighborhood about a block away, where they took the suspect in custody without incident.

The suspect, whose name has not been released, was arrested on outstanding warrants. Investigators will question him about his involvement in Tuesday morning's fire.

Police are still looking for the man's girlfriend.