Police trying to ID body found outside Scottsdale home

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UPDATE -- July 30:

SCOTTSDALE -- Police are hoping someone can help identify the woman whose body was found outside a Scottsdale home on Wednesday.

Police say the woman was shot at 79th Street and Shea Boulevard and was not dropped at the location.

They also say that the victim is not connected to the property.

The woman is described as Caucasian or mixed race, 16 to 25 years old, approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall and 120 to 140 pounds. She has many freckles and shoulder-length curly brown hair.

She was wearing a dark top and dark blue hiphugger jeans.


SCOTTSDALE - Police want to know who shot and killed a woman and left her body in the front yard of a Scottsdale home at 79th Street and Shea.


Woman's body found on side of busy Scottsdale road - azfamily.com's Tyler Baldwin reports on a bizarre scene after a woman's boy was found on the side of Shea Road in Scottsdale.

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The woman's body was found on the front yard of the home. Police are trying to determine if this woman was shot at the home or if she was killed somewhere else and then dumped.

"There's another maniac on the loose. Somebody out there knows what they have done. It's just chilling," admits Ken Dolgin. The murder has him shook up. He and his family live just across the fairway from the house where the body was found.

Police got the call just before 2 p.m. when a woman who had slowed down because of construction traffic spotted the body.

The driver originally thought it was someone who had collapsed because of the heat but soon realized the person had been shot and killed. During the last 24 hours detectives say they have not had a single call of shots fired in the area. Dolgin says all day his mind has been flooded with theories of could have happened. No matter what happened, Dolgin will not look across the fairway the same way again. He says, "I am a little frightened. I have a daughter and with this thing happening so close it kinda sends chills down your spine."

The woman did not live in the home and police are still trying to determine if she knew the home owners.