Hateful graffiti on over 10 cars in Fountain Hills

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FOUNTAIN HILLS - A Valley neighborhood is on high alert after more than a dozen cars were found covered in hateful graffiti.


Hate graffiti in Fountain Hills neighborhood - azfamily.com's Frank Camacho reports graffiti messages of hate have a Valley neighborhood on edge.

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Vandalism is not often thought of as a crime where a victim experiences pain, but that is not the case in Fountain Hills where vandals unknowingly may have opened up some painful childhood memories of a local resident.

Soon after being angry, Howie Rosen says that turned into confusion and sadness. His was one of nearly a dozen cars that were vandalized in his neighborhood over the weekend.

The sight of the swastika brought back a flood of awful memories from Rosen's childhood. He is Jewish and remembers his parent's horror stories about the Holocaust.

Police say the writings and materials used by the vandals indicate they are young juveniles. Rosen says if they were kids, he would like to educate them.

Police describe this as probably a crime where a bunch of young kids just went out and did something incredibly stupid. Nevertheless, when you talk to someone like Rosen, the stupidity really caused someone a lot of pain.