Huge fire at Glendale cardboard manufacturing plant

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GLENDALE -- Nearly 200 firefighters from three different agencies have been working all night and will be on the scene all day after a massive fire broke out at cardboard manufacturing plant in Glendale.

Huge fire

4-alarm fire at Texas packaging firm's Glendale site - Fire crews are expecting to be on the scene all day Monday of a stubborn four-alarm fire at a corrugated packaging business in Glendale.

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Crews were called out to the Temple-Inland facility near 51st Avenue and Colter Street at about 8 p.m. Sunday.

Monsoon winds whipped the flames and sent embers flying, making the situation even more dangerous.

With all of the paper and cardboard at the facility, there was plenty of fuel for the massive fire. Crews were able to contain most of the flames to the rolls of paper and pallets of cardboard.

Firefighters are expected to remain on the scene through most of the day to deal with hot spots and flare-ups. Employees hope to start cleaning up some time tomorrow.

While investigators have not been able to get in and determine what sparked the fire, employees tell 3TV lightning might be to blame. They said there was quite a bit of lighting in the area when the fire started.

Firefighters battling the blaze were switched out often to prevent heat-related illnesses. No injuries were reported.

Because the structure itself was not badly damaged, employees hope to return to business as usual later this week.

, which is based in Austin, Texas, specializies in manufacturing corrugated packaging and building materials.