Mom goes from suspect to victim after stabbing death

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PHOENIX - A Valley mother goes from murder suspect to murder victim all within a matter of weeks.


Boyfriend lies after girlfriend stabbed to death -'s Marissa Wingate reports a Valley mother goes from murder suspect to murder victim, all within a matter of weeks.

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At first the suspect claimed his girlfriend had stabbed herself and then him. Police are now saying that is not the case. He brutally stabbed her then turned it on himself and family members still do not know why.

Connie Garcia, 37, left behind four children.

Her 2-year-old little boy watched as police say his mother's boyfriend, 41-year-old Johnny Sanchez stabbed her 13 times then called her sister.

Rachel Lopez explains, "I get a phone call, he left a message on my daughter's phone and he is saying he is sorry and just kept repeating that he is sorry, he is sorry."

Lopez says she rushed to the scene only to find her sister murdered. She tells 3TV, "My nephew, which is her son, is 2, he was standing over his mama telling her to get up, get up and he was tugging on her, begging her to get up."

Sanchez was also there. Rachel adds, "He pulled the knife out from her chest and the cops came running in and they tackled him and at that point in front of the cops and myself and the neighbor, he stabbed himself in the neck."

At first investigators believed his story that his girlfriend had stabbed herself and then him but that has since changed and now Sanchez is charged with murder and Garcia's family is left with nightmares.

Lopez admits, "I try to see her smiling, but I can't get past that all I see is her laying there, I see the blood everywhere, I see the blood on the walls, on the sofa, I just see my nephew I see her eyes, her eyes were grey no color, I can't get that vision out of my head."

Family members tell me they have emptied their bank accounts trying to take care of her children and pay for her funeral and they are still $1,400 short.