Mesa school robbed 4 times by known street gang

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MESA - A charter school has been robbed and vandalized four times and police say the crooks that did it are part of a notorious street gang.


Charter school robbed by street gang -'s Kristine Harrington reports a charter school has been robbed and vandalized four times and the suspects are believed to be members of a street gang.

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Police say they are proud Jugalowes, that is they are part of a street gang in Mesa and it is gang specific graffiti left at the school that police say helped detectives track them down.

Ryan Lomonaco, with Sequoia Charter Schools, says, "I don't know why they broke in but a lot of it was just malicious."

Mesa Police say the three men, who all have ties to a street gang that dresses like clowns, vandalized and burglarized this Sequoia Charter School. "We were hit four different times," explains Lomonaco.

It was twice in June and twice in July. The suspects destroyed more than they stole.

Lomonaco says, "They threw sweet and sour sauce on the computert his windows broken out."

The suspects had access to 20 computers but curiously did not take one.

In one room they poured glue on the carpet and carved profanity into a teacher's desk. In another it looks they stood in the middle of the room and twirled around with paint, which was splattered on virtually everything from ceiling tiles to television sets and a computer keyboard.

The walls too... Police say the walls were also covered with clues

Steve Berry, with Mesa Police, explains, "They have monikers a name or nickname some of those names were spray painted around the classrooms and school and what not."

That led detectives to the three men who they say have confessed not only to the break-ins but admitted to being Juggalo, which is part of a criminal street gang that fashions itself after the band Insane Clown Posse.

Some of the stolen property has been recovered but the school still has a long way to go as far as replacing and remodeling before the first day of school.

The school has upgraded its security system and does have a security guard now on campus.

The damage is estimated at $55,000 but that number continues to climb. School starts August 10 and the goal is to have campus back to normal by then but of course that will take quite a bit of both time and money.