4 Men accused of manufacturing fraudulent id's

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PHOENIX - Four men are under arrested and face charges for alleged identification fraud.

Detectives with the Arizona Fraudulent Identification Task Force (AFIT) took down an identity theft group that was allegedly manufacturing fraudulent id's through what Department of Public Safety officers called a "wide-scale criminal syndicate."

Search warrants were served on Thursday at three houses in the Phoenix area and detectives arrested four suspects: 29-year-old Omar Balderrama Chalino; 23-year-old Miguel Angel Cucto-Campos; 22-year-old Enrique Valley-Araujo; and 22-year-old Pavino Bahena-Baldez. Another man, Enrique Valle-Araujo, was charged with misconduct involving weapons for possessing a firearm illegally.

Detectives seized computers, ID card stock, a .22 caliber rifle and an instrument used to make high-quality ID cards from the three homes.

The four suspects face charges of forgery, conducting an illegal enterprise, possession of forged documents and taking the identification of another person.