Valley couple feel taken advantage of by homebuilder

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PHOENIX -- A Valley man says he and his wife were taken advantage of by a big-time homebuilder.

However, if you talk to the homebuilder, Shea Homes, they have a different version of the story and are not budging.

"We've been excited these last six months watching this home being built," Brian Marine said.

Marine said he was excited and confident to have his house built by a big-time builder, Shea Homes.

"We worked hard to be where we're at," he said. "We were hoping this was going to be our last home."

But after putting down a pretty hefty deposit, Marine says things started to crumble.

"We paid $8,535 and we have nothing," he said.

That's because Marine claims that even though their home was finally completed, they never moved into it.

"Right away what made us back out of the contract was that they were in breech from these four contracts rolling around and they weren't ready to close," he said.

Marine claims that Shea Homes wasn't ready to close on the promised closing date and more concerning than that, Marine says, was that there were different documents floating around all with different information.

"They said, 'Well, we have four contracts, we've got one at $316,000, one at $308,000, one at $298,000," Marine said.

Frustrated and claiming Shea Homes didn't have his home ready when promised, Marine said he had enough and just wanted his deposit back.

"We felt we were being fair asking for our $8,500 back so we can move on," he said.

But Marine says Shea Homes is refusing to return any money.

"I'm just totally blown away by the whole thing," he said.

3 On Your Side contacted Shea Homes, which tells us they spent a lot of time building the couple's home the way the Marines wanted it, claiming they added custom and upgraded options at the Marines' request

In a written response to 3 On Your Side, the homebuilder said, "Shea Homes was ready, willing and able to close escrow on the scheduled closing date ... however Mr. and Mrs. Marine refused to close."

As for Marine's complaints of numerous documents with different home prices, Shea Homes would only say there was a signed contract at an agreed upon price.

Marine says the ordeal has left him frustrated and says he'll have to pursue other methods to recoup his money.

"We were ready to get settled," he said. "Now we're just sad and depressed we have to start from scratch."

In this particular case, 3 On Your Side has two different parties saying two different things, so we're at an impasse here where we can't really reach a resolution.

But, here's the deal. You have to know exactly what you're signing when you're putting your signature on the paper.