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I must say, I love getting a professional facial. Unfortunately, my budget doesn't allow it very often so I've tried to make a point of having what I call a "home beauty night" right in my own home with home . And do you know what? It can be just as relaxing and beneficial.

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Easy Home Steam Facial - Skin care at home with Linda's easy home steam facial.

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I always include a variation on a facial that I remember watching my mom do weekly as I was growing up. My mom Rose would have never, never splurged on a professional treatment - just wasn't heard of in her life. But, she was a stickler about clean skin and taught me to steam my skin at least once a month, but she did it each week. I learned to really love this and now with most of us tightening our financial belts, it's a good way to supplement your professional treatments at home.

As you watch the Home Steam Facial segment, remember a few things:

Don't bring your water to a rolling bowl just before putting you face toward it - you want to steam your face not burn it. Just a steaming simmer is perfect.

As you cover your head with a towel, keep your face about 6 - 8 inches from the water, you'll know what feels right and most comfortable.

Don't put anything into the water that you wouldn't put on your face directly. It may smell good but not be good to inhale that much. Herbs, natural aromatic elixirs, flowers, etc. are perfect.

Steam your face for from 5 - 10 minutes, even a couple of minutes will get you sweating your pores clean.

Do a steam facial no more than once a week, if your skin is very sensitive reduce the steaming time and do one about once a month. Remember, you can use regular, plain water for your steam facial. If you want to season your water, similar to what I showed, here are some suggestions that I learned were good for various skin types.

Normal to Dry Skin: Rough, scaly skin benefits from chamomile, lavender, elder flower, red clover, calendula, jasmine, comfrey, marshmallow root and rose water. These non-irritants are also suitable for normal skin types.

Combination to Oily Skin: Basil, lemongrass, rosemary, licorice root, lavender and witch hazel bark are natural astringents that eliminate bacteria and help prevent acne. Tea-based herbal infusions are also recommended for oily skin.

Sensitive Skin: Typically, rosewater and calendula are exceptionally soothing to irritable skin.

As a couple of final steps, try the process of saturating a washcloth in your cooled water and compressing this on your steamed skin. Then follow with a cool water rinse to finish your facial.

Granted, no one is catering to your every need and bringing you cucumber water like at a spa experience. But, this simple home facial can quickly become a favorite home treatment. It's easy, healthy, improves your skin and pretty much free! That alone is relaxing!

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