Engaged couple feel jilted by the jewelry store

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PHOENIX -- A Valley couple claim that a big jewelry company has lost their wedding ring.

The couple are saying one thing, but the jeweler is saying "not so fast."

Zales is a retail giant that has been around for 85 years.

That's one reason a Valley couple went to Zales. Now, they wish they hadn't.

Jason Claiborne and Andrea Rost are tying the knot soon.

"It's a real big swing, but I'm really excited to spend the rest of my life with her," Claiborne said.

"I started planning right away," Rost said. "I mean, for a little girl, she starts planning when she's like 5."

One of the biggest parts of planning was finding the perfect ring and the couple thought they found that ring at the Zales inside Paradise Valley Mall in December 2007.

"We found a ring that she loved, that met her standards of quality for the diamond," Claiborne said. "We were able to qualify and purchase the ring that day."

They put nearly $600 down and then financed more than $2,500 on their Zales credit card.

But before taking the ring home, the couple left the ring at Zales so some minor work could be done, like sizing it.

"It made sense for us to get the ring sized so that we could have it, but we didn't want to take it home until it was the way we wanted it," Claiborne said.

A few months later when Claiborne went to pick up the ring, he says the store was being remodeled and employees reportedly told him they couldn't find his fiancee's ring.

Claiborne says he wasn't worried and left thinking Zales employees would eventually find it. But that wasn't the case.

"They tried to inform us that 'we never have a record of you sending the ring out for service or you dropping it off or a claim check from you," Claiborne said.

That's right, Claiborne and Rost say Zales claimed they didn't have the ring anymore, a ring he says he's still paying for and a ring he says he certainly never picked up.

"So far we're out over $1,500 and I've got zero," Claiborne said.

3 On Your Side contacted Zales and after two weeks of investigating, they're say they're done.

The jewelry company says there is no documentation proving they have the ring and they consider the matter closed.

It's a response that shocks Claiborne and Rost.

"I don't know if I'm ever going to get that one proposal in with the ring in my hand before our wedding date, the ring we're supposed to get married with," Claiborne said.

"Yeah, it definitely lost the romance factor," Rost said.

In a written statement to 3 On Your Side, a Zales spokesman says if the couple can provide any documentation to support their claim, they would be happy to review it.

But as of now, Zales tells 3 On Your Side that there is no indication they have or they lost the ring.