Typo costs woman nearly $6K

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman is out $5,800 all because she hit the wrong number on her keyboard.

If you ever use the Internet, then this could happen to you.

And it certainly happened to a woman named Laurie Hamouz.

She was using her computer to transfer $5,800 and with one small mistake, she lost all that money.

Hamouz is a hard-working mom who needed a little extra money recently.

So, she went on the Internet, logged into her 401k account and tapped into some money.

"I borrowed the money from myself, from my 401k retirement plan, to help me set up my new household," she said.

In a click of a keystroke, Hamouz transferred $5,800 from her 401k account to her Desert Schools bank account.

But, unfortunately, she made a mistake while sitting at the computer.

"I typed a 6 at the end of the account number instead of an 8," she said.

As a result of typing in the wrong bank account number, someone else received Hamouz's $5,800 and not only did that person get the money, that person spent the money.

"I have to try to justify it to my kids why this person took my money and won't give it back," she said.

Desert Schools tells 3 On Your Side they would be happy to put the money back into Hamouz's account, but since the other credit union member has already spent Hamouz's money, the credit union can't do anything.

"It's been terrible," Hamouz said. "I have lost a lot of sleep. I'm sick over it. I try not to think about it."

3 On Your Side has confirmed that the Phoenix Police Department is investigating the matter and has asked the person who took the money to return it back to Hamouz.

"He told my lawyer he wasn't going to pay it back and he told the police officer that he had spent the money on clothes," Hamouz said. "He paid some bills but mostly clothes."

When and if criminal charges are filed, I'll do a follow-up and let you know what happens.

In the meantime, any transactions you do on your computer should always be double-checked and triple-checked to make sure you're doing things correctly.