Celebrate 4th of July in Arizona

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My family has always celebrated the in the stay-at-home type of way. It started in Chicago when we literally all gathered in the street with neighbors and barbequed, had hot dogs and caught lightening bugs.

Happy Fourth of July!

Celebrate 4th of July in Arizona - My family has always celebrated the 4th of July in the stay-at-home type of way.

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My favorite get-together in was several years ago when we invited all our friends who refused to leave their dogs alone on "fire-cracker" night, to bring their dogs over to celebrate. Before I knew it, we had everything from a poodle, to a huge Great Dane sitting in our pool for the night. It was a blast!

That said, I love bringing some easy ways to celebrate the Fourth at home. I tried a twist on it all this year by shopping the sales first and then pulling the ideas together. Here are some to try.

4th of July Celebration Ideas for Home

Red, White, Blue Ice Cubes

Pick up red and blue colored Gator Aide, freeze it in any shaped ice cube trays and add to any clear beverage.

I topped it with frozen watermelon stars, cut with a star cookie cutter and frozen for about an hour with a skewer for an easy handle.

Firecracker Fruit Skewers

I grabbed marshmallows, strawberries and blueberries - put them on a skewer and topped it with a Twizzler piece to look like a wick. These would be really popular so make extra. Trust me.

Patriotic Cupcakes

I bought a white cake mix, made it as directed and separated the batter into 3 equal sized bowls. Then I added red Jell-O and blue Jell-O to color 2 of the bowls of batter. Add enough until you achieve the color you'd like. You can also use powdered beverage mix, just add about 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar if you choose this. Layer each color and bake as directed. These look great in white cupcake cups.

Fireworks - As Close as We Can Get in Arizona

I picked up some of the approved "fireworks" at the grocery store for about $5 to test them to see if they're any fun. And do you know what? They are. Keep your expectations real and the kids will love them. They make noise a mess and have that dangerous smell while providing no danger at all. It's worth the money to make your kids think they're being a little rebellious! Fun.

Happy Fourth!

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