Rattlers fan who paid for season tickets wants refund after games suspended

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PHOENIX -- Some upset Valley football fans are looking for answers.

We're talking about Arizona Rattlers fans and let me tell you a lot of those fans are upset.

The reason is they paid money for season football tickets, a season that never got off the ground.

Mitch Moody runs an East Valley company and says rewarding his customers as well as his employees is just good business. He often gave them Rattlers tickets.

Moody bought 2009 season tickets to the Arizona Rattlers, which is part of the Arena Football League.

Moody paid $2,100 for those tickets but not long after paying, the Arena Football League decided to suspend the 2009 season, citing the bad economy as the reason.

"I would call their office and nobody was answering -- nobody," Moody said. "It would just ring and ring."

Moody says he called the Rattlers and even wrote to them asking for his $2,100 to be returned but months later, he hasn't received his money.

The Rattlers' Web site says people like Moody who paid will have their payments applied to next season when they hopefully resume playing.

But Moody says forget about next season.

"We're not into giving $2,100 away," he said. "You know, that's the thing. That's not the way I operate."

3 On Your Side went to the Rattlers' headquarters in central Phoenix and found an empty office that was locked.

The Rattlers' Web site indicates Will Meris is one of the team's owners and directors.

3 On Your Side went to his Scottsdale home. In fact, both of them. But no one came to the door at either house so we went to the investment company that he helps run, but his assistant told us he wasn't around.

"Will is traveling," the assistant said. "He's been out of town. He's on a plane right now."

3 On Your Side was told to talk to Brett Bouchy, the team's managing partner. Maybe he would have some answers. So we went to his Gilbert home, but no one would come to the door.

After all this door knocking, 3 On Your Side did receive a statement from the Rattlers saying they're trying to resume play next season and, "At this time we ask for everyone's continued patience and understanding as we are working hard to do what is in the best interest of the season ticketholders."

Moody says he knows what is in his best interest -- a $2,100 refund!

"We don't know if they're going to be bankrupt next year," Moody said. "I don't know what's going to happen with next year. I bought my tickets for the 2009 season, not the 2010 season!"

The Rattlers' Web site says if you want a refund, then just write or fax them, but every time I faxed them the fax got kicked back as if it wasn't working properly on their end.

Plus, the Rattlers never responded to 3 On Your Side on camera about this story on refunds so the fans I talked to are very nervous as to what will happen.