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sacrifices 1 Red Vine for more groans than laughs

He penned some of the classic comedies of the 70's and 80's : "Meatballs", "Caddyshack", "Stripes" and most famously " Ghostbusters", "Animal House" and "Groundhog Day". But Harold Ramis' latest release "Year One" puts his talents back to square one.

Let me try to describe this mess of a movie that is more of a series of vignettes and costume changes than it is plot and entertainment.

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Jack Black and Michael Cera play a couple of cave men who after getting banned from their tribe embark on an adventure that takes them into the middle-east, mingling with of all things biblical characters. Huh? What?

I guess I could forgive a weird premise if it resulted in a fascinating and funny tale but it does not. What it does do however is provide a flimsy vehicle to showcase one gross activity after another.

The movie is peppered with a few cameos of which the most noteworthy are Paul Rudd and David Cross as Cain and Abel. Hank Azaria drops by for a few scenes, too. But

you know, it just doesn't matter who's in this movie. It's a waste of time and talent.

I guess boys of all ages would like this film but unless you find humor in all manners of grossness leave this one off your summer list.

LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN: My female companion thought this movie was perfect for 12-14 year old boys and also was not amused by the gross factor either.

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