Classy and comfortable men's fashions

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Finding great men's wear can be a challenge. Face it; from day one the girls always had more choices than the boys. But, these days, men want different looks and want to have fun with their clothing, too.

Phoenix men's boutique

Classy and comfortable men's fashions - Finding great men's wear can be a challenge.

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As I was planning this segment, I took an informal survey of men to find out what they look for in clothes. The top three things that came up was comfort, looking nice but without having to wear a suit and as one guy put it "the cool factor." They want to look stylish and hip but in a classy way.

So, when I walked into Bobby Chan at CityNorth in I was pleased to find a dedicated men's store full of men's fashions, from sizing to cuts to colors. Plus, the prices were reasonable from $50 - $100 for silks and silk blends in the ever popular golf or island styles.

And the biggest advantage is the care. Many times, this type of clothing has to be dry cleaned only which really drives up the cost-per-wear price. Bobby Chan's blends can be machine-washed.

You'll want to check out their new silk and bamboo blend shirts in many styles. The silk/bamboo blend is lighter, breathable; it feels softer and of course washable.

The Phoenix location is one of only three Bobby Chan stores in the US. They offer sizes S - 3XL and 32 - 48. This features comfortable, wearable classics from golf clothing to resort casual.

Bobby Chan 5415 High Street City Center At City North Near Desert Ridge And 56th Street and the 101 Freeway 480-419-7555