Family gets surburban donated in 3 On Your Side follow-up

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PHOENIX - A follow up to a story we first brought you two weeks ago.

A Valley mom with a son who is severely disabled had her retrofitted van stolen from in front of her Phoenix home.

When we first met Bonnie Connor, she was fired up and with good reason. This single mother of two went to leave for work one morning only to find that her Dodge Caravan was gone.

"I work two jobs to take care of my boys and I get out to go to work at one of my jobs and my vehicle is stolen!" she said.

It was especially heartbreaking because the van was a perfect fit for her oldest son, TJ. A near drowning left him severely disabled his wheelchair fit perfectly in to that van.

Her story would inspire a Valley couple to come to her rescue.

"It struck me that someone would be so cruel, so mean as to steal the vehicle you need to help your son," said Carole Pritchard.

Pritchard and her husband saw 3 On Your Side's Story and decided, instead of selling their suburban, they would donate it to Bonnie and her boys.

"What better way to pay it forward, let her get back to the job of taking care of her sons," she said.

"This is nice, awesome!" Bonnie said.

Chase and his older brother TJ, who just turned 21, were both smiling ear to ear. A beautiful moment made possible by the generosity of total strangers.

"I was completely shocked, we're living in hard times, everybody is struggling," Bonnie said. "I didn't expect anything and I feel very blessed."

Pritchard is a paramedic here in the Valley, her husband, who didn't really want to be on camera, is a firefighter with the Phoenix police department. They turned over the title to the suburban the day 3 On Your Side went out there to shoot this follow up story with no strings attached.