Space-saving corner shelf

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Materials -24"x48"x1" wood cut in half at 24", then cut corner to corner to get 4 triangles

Make 4 shelves!

Make a corner shelf - Debbie Hernandez from The Home Depot shows's Scott Pasmore how to make a great-looking corner shelf to take advantage of wasted space in your home.

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-1" decorative trim molding for the front of shelves cut to 31 3/4" or desired size

-1x2x8 wood for shelf braces, for 4 shelves, cut 4 at 22", 4 at 21 1/4"

-150 grit sandpaper

-Tack cloth

-2 in 1 Polyshades Stain and staining tools, pads, rags, etc. (no polyurethane needed)

-Drill, Stud finder, level

-Liquid Nails and Hot glue


Instructions for (4 ) 24" corner shelves: -Cut wood from above in half at 24", then cut each piece in half from corner to corner. (This will give you 4 triangles from 1 piece of beautiful wood)

-Cut decorative trim molding to fit the front side of each shelf (optional)

-Lightly sand all sides of the wood triangles

-Wipe off all sanding dust with tack cloth

-Attach deco molding to front of shelves with Liquid Nails and hot glue. (Liquid Nails provides a permanent bond after drying. Hot glue provides an instant bond to continue your project.)

-Apply stain on all sides to desired color, brush on stain and wipe off

-Let each coat dry, lightly sand in between coats for a professional finish

-Sand and stain 1x2 braces at the same time as the shelves

Installation -Measure up from the floor or down from the ceiling to achieve desired height

-Using a stud finder, locate the studs where the shelves will be located

-Mark the studs

-At the desired height, using a level, mark area for the 1x2 braces to meet in the corner (One 22" 1x2 and one 21 1/4" per shelf)

-Pre drill holes into the 1x2's where the studs are, then screw them into the wall

-Make sure they are level, the 1x2's should now create an "L" in the corner

-Place the shelf onto the 1x2's and screw down through the shelf into the 1x2

-This will give the illusion of a floating shelf and no brackets to get in the way (Metal or wood shelf brackets or corbels may also be used)

-Stack shelves, use different corners, only use one per room, you decide.

-Accessorize your new shelving and enjoy.