Woman says consignment store hasn't paid her for sold items

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PHOENIX -- Valley consumers say they're having problems getting paid by a local consignment store so they contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

The store I'm talking about has been around for 30 years. It's called Terri's Consign and Design or just Terri's Consignment.

Basically, they sell your stuff for you, keep half the money and then give you the rest.

But many consumers complain their stuff sold and they haven't been paid.

Jennifer Kadar says when she decided to convert a room into a game room she needed to get rid of some stuff.

"We had an extra couch that we wanted to get rid of and we had an old entertainment center in the back room that we wanted to get rid of to re-do that room," she said.

Kadar says she decided to consign her couch and entertainment center at Terri's Consign and Design in Peoria back in December.

"I think just because we've seen all the commercials and when you think of consignment you think Terri's," Kadar said.

After not hearing from Terri's for a couple months, Kadar decided to call to see what was going on with her furniture.

"We called and they told us they had sold the furniture within one to two weeks, both pieces," she said.

Kadar says Terri's told her she would be getting her nearly $600 check very soon, but the longer she waited, the more she called.

In fact, Kadar says she's been waiting for her $600 for months.

"They said they were having financial hardships," Kadar said. "They would not be able to pay us until late July at the earliest."

That's when Kadar decided to contact 3 On Your Side and she's not the only one. 3 On Your Side has been contacted by more than a dozen consumers who claim Terri's Consign and Design sold their stuff and they haven't been paid.

"We're kind of scared," Kadar said. "What happens if they file for bankruptcy? Where's our money going to go then?"

We contacted the owner, Terri Bowersock, who told 3 On Your Side that the economy has hit her stores hard and she acknowledged she's behind in paying some of her customers.

Bowersock said she's taken corrective measures like closing down two stores and reducing staff -- measures that she says will help pay some of her customers who have been waiting for their money.

In the meantime, she hopes they're patient.

"I think we all just have to remember not to be afraid and to care for each other and love each other and not be insensitive because this is happening to many businesses," Bowersock said.

And Kadar says she can certainly relate to hard times because she says she is going through some tough times herself.

"Times are hard for everyone," Kadar said. "I know times are hard for them, but I bet you anything, times are a lot harder for me and my husband than for Terri."

The good news is Kadar says after 3 On Your Side got involved she did get her money.

As for Bowersock and her stores, well, she believes things are turning around and says she is confident people who have not been paid will be paid by July.