Woman can't get refund for termite infested furniture

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PHOENIX - Everyone appreciates a good deal, but when one Valley woman set out to buy a dinette on a dime, she said she got a lot more than she paid for.

Patricia Eberl's new dining room table looks more like a buffet at her home in Buckeye.

Patricia said the table is useless because the chairs she bought to sit around it were infested with insects.

About six weeks after she purchased the dinette set she said she started to notice little pieces of wood coming out of the chair.

A few days later, an exterminator confirmed what Patricia suspected, two of the chairs were crawling with termites.

"He had said that those termites has been in there a long time," Patricia said.

Patricia said she called Estate Resale, the Sun City furniture store where she bought the chairs, to ask for a portion of her money back.

"They said all sales are final and that's it," she said. "That is the most bizarre thing I've ever heard of."

Estate Resale's response didn't sit right with Patricia or Lynda Hammond, who makes a living dealing with second-hand items.

"Well most businesses do say all sales final but there has got to be an exception and when you're talking about bugs in a chair that has got to be an exception to me," Hammond said.

Estate Resale told 3 On Your Side it's "sorry it cannot make things right for this customer, but the expectations here were unrealistic. The dining room set was purchased almost two months before I heard of any problem. I have no problem with termites in my shop, who could really know why or where they came from?"

Patricia and her husband Willie deny the termites came from their brand new home.

"These must have been some real hungry termites ya know or they must have been chewing on them for years," she said.

Estate Resale adds "had it known the chairs were infested with termites before the consignor was paid, it would have returned the items and refunded Patricia's money in full."

Patricia threw away the chairs after discovering the termites, but she wants to warn consumers looking for a deal at consignment shops.

"My goal is to make people aware of what you can buy when you buy second hand furniture or even new furniture for that matter, you need to take a better look at it," Patricia said.