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Summer water fun Arizona - Cool, clear water! A simple answer to Arizona's scorching summer heat and some of the most summer fun our kids can have over the next couple of months.

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Cool, clear water! A simple answer to scorching summer heat and some of the most our kids can have over the next couple of months.

So, pool or no pool here are some fun, easy and inexpensive ways to drench the kids on a hot summer day - keeping them busy at the same time.

Water Guns or Sprayers Who can resist picking up a squirt gun and giving someone a spray? So why not take some inspiration from arcade games that include a target and change the usual squirt gun war into calmer target practice. I found shaving cream to make a great dissolving target and for more precise practice, we had fun trying to make Alka Seltzer tablets dissolve.

Balloons Balloons are some of the most versatile summer toys around-whether they are filled with air or water. Kids simply love to toss and, best of all, break 'em. Make an easy water balloon catcher out of an empty milk gallon jug. Just cut half off of the top of the container leaving the handle intact. (Take a peek at the segment online to see the final product.) I covered the edges with duct tape to smooth it out a little. Voila! A perfect water balloon catcher. This alone can turn a water balloon war into a game. It lasts a little longer.

Underwater Scope In a big pool or even a little backyard pool, kids love looking underwater. Especially if you can magnify what you see a little. Here's an easy to make underwater scope that can be used on a camping trip when exploring a pond also. Oh what critters you may see. Fun!

All you'll need is an empty food container with a snap-on lid, the kind that sour cream, margarine or yogurt comes in. Also gather some plastic wrap. Simply cut off the tub's bottom and cut the center out of the lid leaving the rim intact. Now stretch some plastic wrap over the tub's top and snap the cut out lid back on. To use it, stick the plastic wrap end into the water and peek through. It works because the water pressure pushes the plastic wrap into a simple magnifying lens.

Ice Don't underestimate the power of a bunch of ice cubes tossed into any size pool. I put a plastic bucket in the middle of a simple swim ring - tossed a bunch of ice cubes in a small pool and let the kids have a simple contest about who could pick up the most ice cubes before they melted. Cools off the water and the kids at the same time.

Hoses, Sprinklers and Cups Just a cool spray of water has such an allure even if you have a fancy pool. Give kids a plastic cup turn on a sprinkler and challenge them to fill up their cup while standing under the sprinkler without moving, Use a spray of water from the backyard hose as a limbo pole or as a high jump.

So, try some new tricks this summer to get them wet and wear 'em out!

Live and Learn.

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