Hugh Jackman: X-men Wolverine

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Hugh Jackman - X-men: Wolverine

Star Trek, Wolverine, Ghosts of Girlfiends Past, Is Anybody There? - Movie chicks Viques Rojas and Gayle Bass review "Star Trek," "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," "Ghosts of Girlfiends Past," and "Is Anybody There?"

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There's a lot to like about . Aside from his obvious 'charms', he is one heck of a nice guy. The way he has treated his Valley of the Sun fans is testament to that. But World Premiere hoopla aside, what folks really wanted to know was if "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" was any good. Luckily for Mr. Nice Guy, it is!

I have not seen any of the previous X-Men movies. For some reason the trailers didn't grab me enough to enlist me as a fan. But when I watched the first movie in the series to bone up for the fourth, I was pleasantly surprised.

The title of the movie says it all. Instead of moving forward in the franchise, we take a step back, way back to the mid 1800's, all the way to when Logan (Wolverine) is a young boy. Forced to kill his father, he and his brother Victor (Sabretooth) flee. The opening credits then chronicle the mutant brothers as they do what they do best: fight. They participate in war after war until a nefarious black ops military madman, William Stryker, enlists the brothers to join his league of other mutant soldiers. But Wolverine is different from the rest. His animal side is not predominant and after one particularly heinous incident, he finally gets his fill of slaughter and leaves the group.

Flash forward. Stryker tries to re-enlist Wolverine in his new program. But Wolverine is living a peaceful life as a Canadian logger. He has love in his life and through her, is trying to overcome the nightmare that is his past. When she is murdered and all signs point to brother Sabretooth, Wolverine consents to join Stryker's program to produce the perfect soldier. After all he's going to need that Adamantium to beat his bro.

Along the way there are crosses and double crosses and just about every plot device clich that you can think of. Yet it all comes together to tell an interesting and entertaining story.

The special effects are top notch and though I found the mutant fighting to be redundant to the point of being a little boring, the action scenes are well choreographed.

No question the best thing going for this movie is the excellent cast and fine acting. At the top of that list is Hugh Jackman himself. More than just a pretty face (and perfect body!), he breathes passion and pathos into Wolverine. Matching him in intensity if not sensitivity is Live Schreiber as brother Victor/Sabretooth. Danny Huston is properly menacing as the evil William Stryker. And perennial romantic lead, nice guy Ryan Reynolds is both hysterical and creepy as the near perfect soldier Deadpool.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine marks the beginning of the summer action blockbusters. If this movie is any indication, we are in for a treat!

LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN: Okay if I was willing to be the creepy old lady I could have touched Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds on the red carpet. All I had to do was reach out! But I chose not to be that lady and somehow managed to maintain my composure. You could say it was due to the thrill of the occasion but the audience enjoyed the movie and applauded wholeheartedly. I took my brother along for a male point of view and he, too enjoyed the movie.

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