Police call Halloween the 'Sex Offenders Holiday'

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Operation Safe Treat

PHOENIX -- "The holiday for sex offenders is halloween."

But not if the US Marshals can help it.

It's 6am and US Marshals are banking on the element of surprise - to capture some of Arizona's fugitives.

Those who commit crimes against children and non-compliant sex offenders.

Ron Lindsey points out "This is Henry Busuy, supposed to be registered as a sex offender and has failed to register."

And like some 200 other sex offenders - his last known address is no good.

So deputies move down the list.

"His original charge is for sexual assault apparatnely he violated his condition of release," Lindsey says.

Another person law enforcment wants off the streets before thousands of kids take to the streets trick or treating - it's all part the US Marshal's "Operation Safe Treat".

First priority, to protect the children.

Rick Taylor says "these people are activley hiding they are not where they should be."

And so local, state and federal law enforcement have spent the past three days hunting them down.

With the halloween deadline in mind.

"The goal is to get the people who could victimize these children off the street prior to that."

US Marshals calling Operation Safe Treat a sucsess, netting 26 arrests statewide - 22 here in the Phoenix area.