Man tries to force wife off road with young daughter in car

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The following press release was sent by the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office:

CONGRESS - On April 20, 2009, at approximately 12 P.M., Yavapai County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a reported family fight in Congress. Deputies met with the 23-year-old victim at the Congress Elementary School.The victim told deputies she had been in an argument with her husband, 23-year-old Anival Diaz-Moreno, at their Aguila, Arizona home. She decided to leave the house, and drove away with her 4-year-old daughter as a passenger. While heading towards Congress on Highway 71, a car driven by Moreno pulled behind her and started flashing the vehicle headlights in an attempt to make her stop. When she refused to pull over, he began bumping his car into hers as she tried to escape by increasing her speed to 90 mph.

After briefly gaining some space between her car and his, Moreno managed to pull in front of her vehicle and began reducing his speed causing her to slow down. When she tried to pass, he blocked her movement until forcing her to stop. Moreno then exited his car, opened her car door and struck her in the face. When he began choking her, she put the car in reverse and started backing. Moreno was dragged alongside the car, but still continued choking the victim. He eventually released his grip on her and she was able to place the car in drive, leaving him behind.

Moreno caught up with her again in his vehicle and tried to force her off the roadway several times, but was not successful. The victim eventually exited on a side street and headed towards the YCSO sub-station in Congress. Moreno did not follow her and continued down the highway.

Following the interview, Deputies arranged safe house accommodations for the victim and her child. Deputies noticed injuries consistent with victim's story. The 4-year-old was scared, but not physically harmed.

On April 23, 2009, a YCSO Sergeant was able to locate Moreno at his home in the 22000 block of Hillward East, Congress, and placed him under arrest. He was charged with 9 felony counts of Aggravated Assault and booked at the Camp Verde Detention Center. He is being held on a $100,000 bond and due in court April 30.