University of Phoenix building evacuated over Haz-Mat

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UNCUT: Haz-Mat details

PHOENIX -- A building that houses some University of Phoenix faculty members was evacuated after an unknown substance was discovered.

The substance was found on the 3rd floor of a building located near the intersection of Priest and Washington. The building also houses a few other business offices.

Approximately 1000 people were evacuated from the building.

Hazardous Materials teams on the scene were testing the potentially hazardous substance, and monitoring people who came in contact with the substance.

According to Tempe Fire officials, 9 people were isolated and treated after complaining about exposure to the potentially hazardous substance. All patients were treated and released with no real symptoms.

Haz-Mat teams have not conclusively determined what the substance was, but they have turned the building back over to the University of Phoenix and other tenants.

The area that was exposed to the substance has been cleaned and sealed off until a state lab determines exactly what the substance is.

The Fire department would not go into detail on why the substance was being considered potentially hazardous.