Photo-radar warning device points out camera spots

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PHOENIX -- In distinct British tones, a new GPS mirror lets you know a photo-radar camera is ahead and that you are driving faster than the speed limit.

Also tells you if you're speeding

Thats just one of the mirror's many features which Gilbert resident Don Norton helped develop.

"Basically, it just spring loads right on to your mirror, take the power chord plug it in turn it on adjust it - and from there youre ready to go."

It took a couple of years for Norton and his partners in the UK to finally come up with this version of the Cheetah GPS mirror.

You might think it would be difficult if not impossible to keep up as more cameras are installed at more valley interections and freeways. But Norton says thats not a problem.

"Basically you unclip it plug it right in to your computer run the update software, its fully up to date, clip it back on and you're up with the latest data of charge. "

The cost of the device is $299.00 which is a small price to pay says Norton, if the device can help reduce Arizona's high fatal accident rate.

"If we can stop on collision get people to slow down then its well worth it."

Some might find it surprising that the Department of Public Safety actually has no problem with the new device.

"Anything that helps people be aware and to control thier speed and more importantly pay more attention to their driving - were all for it".