Campaign sign-snatchers striking supporters on both sides

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Many supporters now on the lookout

TEMPE - Campaign sign snatchers were caught on tape in the act.

It happened in the East Valley this week and over the weekend at another neighborhood targeted by thieves.'s Jared Dillingham found supporters on both sides who are going to some fairly extreme measures to curb the problem.

A Tempe neighborhood is using surveillance cameras. They have actually caught one sign-snatcher on tape and gave it to police.

Some are going the high-tech route while others are going the intimidation route.

Jerry Lind has had pit with people stealing his McCain/Palin signs. His solution?

Jerry put his German shepherds, a boy and a girl, on McCain campaign sign guard duty.

With the dogs in the yard, Lind says he will be up on the porch with an air pistol. Jerry insists he and his dogs have more bark than bite but he thinks the threat alone will do the trick. He explains, "I guarantee if I didn't have the dogs out here, this sign would be gone again."

They are having the same problem but with a different party in Tempe, where Obama signs are being stolen. It got so bad, neighbors put up surveillance cameras and caught one of the thieves.

Surveillance tape shows a woman driving a white SUV opening her back window, making sure no other cars are coming. She walks over to an Obama sign, pulls it up, stomps the bushes back down, trips back over to her SUV and drives away.

It has happened to the victim three times this election season and usually, as another surveillance tape shows, in the middle of the day!

Ellen Pierce has been replacing the stolen Obama signs. She wants the sign-snatching and the hard feelings between the parties to end. "That's what I'm hopingwe respect one another and work to solve the problems, which are enormous!"

That sentiment is something both sides can agree on regardless of how they defend their right to show support for their candidate.

What about the white SUV from the surveillance tape? People in that Tempe neighborhood say they have seen it driving around so they are pretty confident they will find their thief.

It is a felony to steal the signs.