Man arrested after officer-involved shooting in Peoria

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PEORIA -- A Valley man is facing charges of aggravated assault on an officer after an early morning incident that led to an officer-involved shooting in Peoria.

Truck surrounded by crime scene tape

Darren Eugene McBride was pulled over at 99th Avenue and Union Hills Drive at about 6 a.m.

It all started, according to Lt. Michael Ashley of the Peoria Police Department, when undercover officers in the area of 91st Avenue and Union Hills Drive witnessed a man trying to steal something from a vehicle.

An officer approached the suspect, who took off in a vehicle. The man was driving without lights through the neighborhood.

Police said the man drove toward an officer, looking like he was going to hit him. That officer fired once, hitting the vehicle.

The man, later identifed as McBride, was pulled over and arrested at 99th Avenue and Union Hills Drive.

No injuries were reported.

Union Hills Drive was closed in both directions at 99th Avenue due to the investigation.