Young grandmother feels shortchanged by toy store

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PHOENIX -- A Valley grandmother was thrilled when a national store was promoting a deal for grandparents, but her enthusiasm did not last long.

Toys R Us is celebrating grandparents by giving them 20 percent off if they buy something for their grandkids.

Sounds nice but one Valley grandmother says she got shortchanged.

Linda Peters is a proud grandparent who enjoys every minute with her grandson.

"It's just fun," she said. "I think you get to spoil them."

And to spoil her grandson, Peters was going to use a coupon she found this week in a Valley newspaper.

It was from Toys R Us and it said, "We love grandparents," and as a result, the toy store was giving grandparents 20 percent off their purchase all this week.

You would think such a promotion would put a smile on this grandma's face, but it made her angry instead.

Why? Well, Toys R Us listed restrictions at the bottom of that 20-percent off coupon and the restrictions were that grandparents had to be 50 years old.

For Peters, that's a problem.

As it turns out, she is 49. And even though she attempted to use the coupon anyway at Toys R Us, the toy giant told her sorry.

"It's discriminatory," Peters said. "How do you put an age on a grandparent or a mother or a father, for that matter?"

Toys R Us tells 3 On Your side they always have to set guidelines when they have promotions and for this one, they say establishing an age requirement was appropriate.

But Peters disagrees and says Toys R Us may claim to love grandparents, but what they really mean is that they love "old" grandparents.

"To assume that someone over 50 is a grandparent and that someone under 50 is not a grandparent, it's not fair," Peters said.

Toys R Us tells me they don't think they made a mistake creating an age limit.

Regardless, they tell 3 On Your Side that they don't want Peters to be unhappy and out of a courtesy to her, they will extend the promotion to her.