Cards playoff game and two major bowls coming to Glendale

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GLENDALE - In addition to the Cardinals playoff game, two major college bowl games will be held in the Valley in early January.

The Insight Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl and the teams that will be strapping it up in both of those games were announced over the weekend and both are serious match-ups.

Tempe's big game is also set. The University of Kansas will play Minnesota at Sun Devils Stadium at the end of December

"Already this morning we received 21 requests for information," reveals Jennifer Stein, from the City of Glendale.

In the meantime local fans can prepare not only for the games but also for everything that comes along with them.

You can even stop by the City of Glendale's offices and pick up a free little something.

Glendale will even be putting together a concert for the Fiesta Bowl and that line-up should be announced soon.

You can find all the information you need on any of those games by .