UPDATE: Student hit by police car in and out of surgery

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PHOENIX - Fifteen-year-old Juan Carlos Ballesteros is recovering in the hospital with a broken leg.

Student in and out of surgery

The scene of the accident on Tuesday was a gruesome one. Witnesses say the officer in the police car had just turned on his siren and lights moments before slamming into Ballesteros.

Students said the crash sent the teen twisting into the air and eventually landing on the squad car.

Police say the officer driving the car, eight-year veteran Scott Gomez, was responding to an armed robbery.

Today the school provided extra counselors for students. The school also had security out in front making sure kids leaving class crossed the street at the crosswalks.

Plus the school increased their enforcement of the "No Parking" rule along the curb, asking those who slowed down or stopped to keep moving. The school actually got several of their ideas from student input.

Students say a lot of kids did not use the crosswalks in the past but after this accident, they will.