UPDATE:Grand Canyon search crew finds body believed to be missing backpacker

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UPDATE on 7/25: Early Saturday morning search teams found a body believed to be Bryce Gillies.

The body was found at the Bill Hall Trailhead on the North Rim of the park.

The search began on Tuesday when Gillies' father reported his son did not return from a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon National Park.

The search was faced with the fact no one had knowledge of Gillies' specific plan, but search teams were able to narrow down the search to the area on the North Rim after finding personal items, including a backpack.

Crews have presumptively identified the body as Gillies, 20, a student at Northern Arizona University.

The body will be transferred to the Coconino County Medical Examiner for an autopsy.

ORIGINAL: GRAND CANYON, Ariz. -- Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park are searching for an overdue backpacker.

Search on for backpacker

Search on for overdue backpacker at Grand Canyon - Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park are searching for an overdue backpacker.

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On Tuesday evening, the Grand Canyon Regional Communications Center received a call from a man who said his son was overdue from a backpacking trip at the Grand Canyon.

The son, Bryce Gillies, left on a trip to the Deer Creek/Thunder River area on Saturday and told his father that he would be back on Monday but did not return.

A ground and aerial search began.

The investigation included contacting river trips, other backpackers on the trail, and Gillies' friends and acquaintances to gather more information.

Based on the information initially received, concerns grew that there might be as many as many as four men in the hiking party. However, investigators have now contacted most of the friends it was feared might be with him and have concluded that Gillies most likely went to the park alone.

On Wednesday, park rangers found Gillies' car parked at the Bill Hall Trailhead, which is located about halfway between Tuweep and the developed area on the North Rim of the park.

Gillies is 20 years old and is described as 5 feet 3 inches tall and 130 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. He is a student at Northern Arizona University.

Search and rescue efforts are now focused on locating a lone male backpacker in the Deer Creek/Thunder River area.

Anyone who believes they have seen Gillies since Saturday is encouraged to contact the National Park Service at 928-638-7805.