Maricopa schools in lockdown due to possible domestic situation

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The following is a press release from the Maricopa Police Department:

MARICOPA -- On February 24, 2009, at about 10:35 am, Maricopa Police Department received a call of a possible subject en route to the Maricopa Wells Middle School as a result of a dispute over child custody. Additional information was received that the subject possibly had access to a firearm which he regularly kept in his vehicle. The on site School Resource Officer placed the Middle School into lockdown as a precaution and additional police units were dispatched into the area. Due to the proximity of the High School to the Middle School, it too was placed into lockdown. Butterfield Elementary had also been placed into lockdown due to the fact additional sibling attended school at that location.

The Maricopa Police Department was able to quickly determine that the there was no threat and the subject who was supposedly en route to the school was located outside of City of Maricopa. This information was verified with the help of the Chandler Police Department. All three schools were released from lockdown and resumed normal operations around 10:50 am. Maricopa Police remained high profile in the area for the remainder of the school day.

Even though this perceived threat turned out to be a false alarm, it was an excellent opportunity to evaluate the emergency operational procedures that are in place to help protect students and staff on school campuses. MPD wishes to express our appreciation for the excellent working relationship we share with the Maricopa Public School District and their professionalism during this multi-site emergency situation.


MARICOPA -- Some schools in Maricopa are in lockdown due to a reported domestic situation in the area.

Maricopa High School has been released, but Butterfield Elementary and Maricopa Middle schools are still in lockdown.

Maricopa police Sgt. Stephen Judd said this is precautionary due to a report that an angry parent was heading to a school with a gun in the car. Police believe the report is unfounded because no such parent has shown up.