Police: Man embezzled $1 million to buy guns, luxury items

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Police served search warrant


PHOENIX - A Valley man is accused of stealing more than $1 million from the company he worked for.

His home in Glendale was raided on Thursday and on Friday there was another cache of weapons found near Seligman, Arizona, which is about 80 miles west of Flagstaff.

Phoenix investigators made the three-hour trek up there Friday morning and so did 3TV.

Just like what they found in the home On Thursday, in this one officers also found an arsenal of weapons.

3TV watched as investigators carried out countless handguns, many of them exotic and high-end, with at least 30 assault rifles, ammunition, a giant generator and a quad. The second house searched, a vacation home, was so secluded it took our crews at least 25 minutes driving on dirt roads just to get there.

The owner is accused of embezzling at least $1 million from the Razmataz furniture company where he headed the accounting department.

Now the suspect, Hoang Tan Duong, and his wife, Bich Doan, have also been charged with child abuse for allegedly allowing their 2-year-old to be inside the gun-filled houses.

Investigators say they are still not sure why the man had so many guns in the two different houses.

They don't believe he was planning to sale them, they believe he was some sort of a survivalist.


GLENDALE - An employee of a popular Valley business is accused of stealing more than $1 million and using it to buy high-end-priced luxury items including jewelry, cars and guns.

To give you an idea of just how many guns police found, one officer tells 3TV that were are more guns inside the suspect's home than he has ever seen in one place.

Investigators searched the garage at the home, located near 67th Ave. and the Loop 101.

Officers said there was so much stuff that they would be out at the scene all through the night and well into Friday morning.

Investigators found luxury cars, motorcycles, loads of ammunition and weapons. Police tell 3TV they are going over more than $100,000 worth of weapons. Some guns were so exotic detective did not know which kind they were.

Sources tell 3TV the 35-year-old owner of the house, Hoang Tan Duong, was in charge of the accounting department at the Razmataz corporate office in Phoenix. That is where police say that over several years, Duong has embezzled over $1 million. He allegedly paid his personal credit card with company checks.

The credit card company tipped of Razmataz who then tipped off police. When police went to his home to serve the search warrant, they made the startling discovery. The home where the young father lives with his family, including a 2-year-old, was loaded with guns.

"There was weapons everywhereeasily accessible to anyone that's inside that home," explains Officer James Holmes. "There is some very very high-end dollar items in that home.electronics, jewelry, you name it, and it's in there. We've already seized four vehiclesw e think there's another including ATVs, scooters, you name it."

Police don't know what Duong was planning to do with all those guns. 3TV talked to some neighbors who said they were shocked.