Exclusive: 4-yr-old near drowning victim wakes from coma

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Mom, dad, son reunited

PHOENIX - Everyone first heard Isaiah Gent's name back on September 9 when his heart stopped after he nearly drowned in a North Phoenix pool.

He was hospitalized in a coma and no one expected him to wake up but everyone was wrong.

He now tells 3TV, "I was sleep then I woked up." That is all little Isaiah remembers about his brush with death in a Cave Creek pool three weeks ago.

Isaiah's mom Lawana remembers every second of that day. They were swimming with family when she briefly turned away and the 4- year-old slipped through his inner tube. Isaiah's father Brian gave his son CPR before paramedics arrived.

Isaiah slipped into a coma at the hospital. At the time, his family was devastated but looking at Isaiah today it is hard to guess he went through anything traumatic.

His recovery is nearly complete. His parents just have to watch out for pneumonia and any liquids he drinks must be thickened so they do not end up in his lungs.

Firefighters say Brian's knowledge of CPR and his immediate response really saved the day.

Isaiah is also going through speech therapy and physical therapy just to make sure he rebounds 100%.