Moms with strollers new target for thieves stealing purses

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Mom with strollers new target for thieves

PHOENIX - Moms with strollers are being targeted by purse snatchers.

It is a crime of opportunity and thieves have focused in on moms who place their purses on their strollers.

Purse-snatchers only need a second and your valuables are gone.

"I really feel violated," admits Andrea who did not want to use her last name. "Just be aware of your surroundingsdoesn't matter if its 12 noon or at night."

Andrea had walked to her car after shopping at the Target at Desert Ridge Marketplace two weeks ago. She left the stroller to place her daughter in the back seat and did not realize someone had snagged her purse and even withdrew cash."

Andrew tells 3TV, "They actually used my pin number and how they got that I have no idea. I'm assuming they followed me."

According to police, mothers with strollers have become the most recent victims of thieves not only at Desert Ridge but other areas where there are plenty of people and activity.

These are situations where thieves can get close to you and your valuables unnoticed.

Officer Jon Howard tells 3TV, "I think it's an educated thief. They know that if somebody has a baby stroller shopping for longer periods of time have their minds on other thingsthey take purse."< /p>

You can ask just about any mother. When they are "out and about" shopping, they've got their hands full and upon returning to the car, as Andrea tells 3TV, "My first concern is always get baby in the car."

Now police and Andrea are asking you to become aware of the grim reality. Paranoia, in this case, is your best defense to reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

Something Alyssa Mizraehe, an east coast mom, says she practices all the time. "I usually keep purse with opening up against me strapped across. I'm from New York. I know how to be a little cautious about things."

Police agree and they encourage you to keep your purse strapped to your shoulder so you have physical control of it.