Man pistol-whipped and stabbed with a screwdriver

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Victim lost hearing in one ear

AHWATUKEE - Galen Kreiger keeps his eyes on his 1965 Corvair at all times through video surveillance.

After all, his wife restored it herself.

Now, she is recovering from a sprained ankle, and Galen wears bandages on his legs, hand, and face.

Around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, some one tried to steal the stereo from the Corvair in the front driveway.

Galen saw the men on video surveillance, grabbed his .45 caliber, and tried to stop them.

"He threw his hands up and said, 'Don't shoot! Don't shoot! I'm an illegal and just trying to get some money to go home," says Galen.

Galen ended up leaving home to go to the hospital.

Graphic pictures document what happened next.

"He threw a screwdriver that stuck in my hand and I dropped the gun," says Galen.

"I bent over to grab it, and he rushed me."

Galen now has no hearing after the suspect busted his ear drum.

"He got me down on the concrete and smashed my head down to the concrete, pistol-whipped me on the side of the head and kicked me," Galen says.

When his wife ran to get another gun, she sprained her ankle.

The suspect took off with Galen's gun into an awaiting truck.

Now, the couple is just waiting to recover and waiting for police to find their attacker.

"It was a lucky day- lucky for two of us," says Galen.

"He got away and I'm still alive. It could have been worse."