Man pulled from burning car after hitting brick wall

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Woman pulls man from burrning car

PHOENIX - A driver lost control of his car speeding down a neighborhood street near 33rd Avenue and Beardsley.

After clipping a car belonging to a woman that ultimately saved the driver of the wayward car, it crashed and burst into flames.

The driver is in the hospital suffering from serious injuries due to the destructive crash.

He has one woman, Mae Chase to thank for pulling him out and dragging him away from his burning car.

The driver smashed into her new car, hit a brick wall, then went airborne before landing and catching fire.

Mae was doing yardwork and saw the whole thing happened.

She grabbed a fire extinguisher, called 911, and ran to save him.

Mae pried the car door open, and dragged the injured driver out of his burning car.

She was very shaken up as she spoke, "I was scared to death. I wasnt sure if the car was going to explode."

"The lady on 911 said it wouldn't explode.Thats why i dragged him away," says Mae, "Scary, very scary."

Mae says her back hurts a little tonight from dragging the driver from the burning car.

She's just relieved no one else was injured, especially her family.

Officials are not sure why the driver lost control and officers say he does not remember the accident happening.