Valley women bring London cabs to Phoenix streets

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9 p.m. Extra: London Luxury Cars

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By the way the car looks, you would think you were driving around the streets of London. maybe it is downtown Phoenix but the car is the latest import from across the pond.

Debby Marcum, aka "The Diva," and her business partner, Lisa Schifano, aka "The Duchess" have brought the first two London cabs to Arizona.

Marcum shows 3TV, "This is the back passing compartment and one of the first features you'll see is the wheelchair accessible ramp."< /p>

Their company is called the London Luxury Car. Marcum admits, "A lot of people at the travel shows were looking for something different and unique to offer people outside of a sedan, a limo, a humor, a mini-bus so, having been to England, in seeing these we thought it would be a great idea and something fun and unique."

Dubbed Welby and Penny Lane, the London cabs, can hold up to five passengers with the seats facing each other. Schifano explains, "They're amazed how cool it is, how much room it is surprisingly because it looks really small on the curb."

The two entrepreneurs opened up shop back in November. They have done everything from VIP pick-ups to weddings and birthday parties and they even chauffeured the Supernanny around. Shifano tells 3TV, "She liked the interior and she thought it was really nice."

Besides the look of the cab that draws a lot of attention so do Marcum's and Schifano's uniforms and accents. With the economy not doing so well, The Diva and The Duchess are not too worried. The two ladies believe they have what it takes to not only survive in the transportation world but come out on top as well.

Schifano says, "Trying to stay very optimistic in the environment and with the economy it is right now but it's been a lot of fun and we've been fortunate to meet a lot of really good people along the way." Marcum adds, "We wanted to do something where we could have fun too and watch other people have fun and be affordable."

The ladies are running a special on the London cabs right now for $50 an hour. If you would like more information go to .