Illegal immigrants overpower smuggler, escape from drop house

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The following is a press release from the Arizona Department of Public Safety:

PHOENIX -- On January 22, 2009, Phoenix Police investigated a report that three people had knocked on a woman's door in west Phoenix and asked to use the phone. They told her they had escaped from a house in which they were being held against their will. Police Officers located four hispanic males and one hispanic female in the area who guided them to the home located at 4902 W. Sheridan Street in Phoenix. After gaining entry, the officers noticed the bedroom windows were fortified and that there was blood leading from outside the residence to the sidewalk. IIMPACT detectives took over the investigation after a possible suspect was found walking along a busy street with a head injury. Later interviews revealed there were about 30 to 50 illegal aliens inside the residence when they decided to overpower the human smuggler.

A search of the home revealed a 9 millimeter handgun, smuggling ledgers, and Western Union receipts.

Suspect: Andres Tabon-Valiente, 28, Mexican National

Charges: Kidnapping, Theft by Extortion, Armed Robbery, Human Smuggling, Misconduct Involving Weapons

Victims Rescued: Maria Rosario Garcia-Calderon, Abelardo Morales-Soto, Jose Solome Luna-Molina, Antonio Luna-Calva, Francisco Luna-Calva - all were Mexican Nationals.