Woman slams truck into cop car, causes chain reaction

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SURPRISE - A woman is accused of slamming her truck into a police cruiser and causing a chain reaction.

Surprise police say 40-year-old Connie Bean was driving a Dodge pick-up on Wednesday just before 5 a.m. when she drifted off the road and onto the shoulder. Her truck crashed in to the back of the police car.

Officer Jason Lewis was conducting a traffic stop in the 14200 block of W. Waddell Road and was sitting in the patrol car at the time of the crash. The police car crashed into the vehicle involved in the traffic stop which then crashed into another car that was on the scene waiting for the driver involved in the traffic stop.

Officer Lewis was not seriously injured. Bean sustained non-life-threatening injuries but was admitted to the hospital as a precaution.

Investigators think Bean was speeding at the time of the crash and believe alcohol could be a factor in the collision. Charges in this incident are pending.