Medicine cabinet jewelry armoire

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-Decorative framed medicine cabinet with frameless interior box

-1/8" thick wood handy panel 2x2

-5/8" cup hooks

-3/4" diameter dowel rod for rings, cut to 2", 3" and 4" lengths (or desired lengths)

-Black velvet fabric (size determined by medicine cabinet back

or primer and black paint (quart or spray)

-Black fabric ribbon (1 yard)



-Glue gun and clear liquid nails

-Drill, 1/32" drill bit (to match the size of cup hook screw) 1/8" drill bit for earring holes


-Scrap piece of wood to drill on

-Staple gun


-Select medicine cabinet (frameless interior box)

This will allow the handy panel to fit inside the medicine cabinet easily

-Measure the width and length of the inside back of the medicine cabinet

-Subtract 1/4" frame the width and 1/4" from the length

-Cut 1/8" thick handy panel to the new smaller measurements

This will allow room for the fabric to be attached and fit nicely at the back of the box

-Place handy panel inside medicine cabinet to en sure it fits and enough room for fabric


-Add 3" to the width and length of the cut handy panel

-Cut black velvet to the new larger measurements

This will allow for folding the velvet over and stapling on all sides of the handy panel

-Place scrap piece of wood first

-Lay velvet with velvet side down onto scrap wood

-Place handy panel centered on the velvet

There should be an extra 1 1/2" of velvet on all sides

-Begin on one side pulling velvet taught and stapling to handy panel

-Go all of the way around until complete, wrap corners like a package

**Painting the handy panel or back of the medicine cabinet is also an option**

-Place the velvet covered handy panel inside the medicine cabinet

-With the 1/32" drill bit, pre-drill a hole for the first cup hook.

**It will be difficult to find the holes later, so after drilling each hole screw in cup hook immediately through the velvet, handy panel and back of cabinet, one at a time**

-Continue adding cup hooks in various locations, some across the top for longer necklaces and so on

-Glue 3 dowels to a small rectangle of the handy panel (2" x 6") to create a ring holder

**Combination of hot glue for instant bond and Liquid Nail for permanent bond**

-Prime and paint the ring holder after it is together, let dry, place in box

-Take another piece of 2" x 6" handy panel, drill 8 small (1/32) holes across the top for post earrings

-Drill 3 or 4 pairs of larger holes underneath for wire and longer earrings, tailor holes for you

-Prime and paint with ring holder

-Cut Velcro into 1/2" square pieces, staple one side into velvet, attach ribbon to other side, add accent

-Secure the ribbon loop with a snap or a safety pin to hold multiple chains

-Add thin cabinet handles for earring holders

-Hang in the closet bathroom or bedroom, with anchors or into studs, this piece can be very heavy!