Cardinals add depth to increase pressure on opposing quarterbacks

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TEMPE -- Arizona doesn't have just two pass rushers honing in on opposing quarterbacks from both ends of the defense. The Cardinals have four.

Not at the same time, of course, but the team has four players who can split time at positions where pressuring quarterbacks from the edge of the Cardinals' defense is a prime objective.

The team brought in Travis LaBoy and Clark Haggans as free agents this season to join Bertrand Berry and Chike Okeafor as a formidable pass-rushing force.

In last week's 23-13 victory over San Francisco, Berry knocked the ball out of quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan's hands and had a sack.

Late in the game, LaBoy sacked Sullivan, then recovered the quarterback's fumble.

It was one of two sacks for LaBoy.

In Arizona's defensive scheme, LaBoy and his backup Berry are defensive ends with Okeafor and backup Haggans are labeled linebackers.

All four players are being counted on as Arizona hosts the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

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