Best scenic trails in AZ for motocycle adventurers

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"In a car you're usually on a mission from point A to point B, explains Barry Caraway. "And on a motorcycle we are the entire ride, the entire route and destination is really what we're about. We stop and see those little things."

Caraway is the founder of, a website that provides motorcycle enthusiasts a place to find out about local and out-of-state rides.

He explains, "I thought these were five of the premiere rides in the state. We got a fairly big state, but some of those rides are better than others."

Phoenix Magazine showcases five of the state's most scenic motorcycle trails in their new issue. One of those is from Flagstaff to Sedona traveling down the 89A Highway.

"The excitement builds as you're coming down and serpentine all the way down from Flagstaff on 89A to Sedona," Caraway says. " You'll have the stream on the right side. You'll go through some aspen and you might see some color changes. You might see leaves budding, then you make your way from the tall pines into this huge expansive red rock." He admits, "It is the most beautiful ride coming down there because your senses are tickled in a lot of different ways."

The scenery is not the only thing this ride has to offer. There are all kinds of attractions from Slide Rock State Park to great shops and restaurants in Sedona.

And what about all the people you meet along the way? Caraway says, "There are some characters out there that light up the whole trip sometimes and when you meet these guys, they're your friend for life."

If you are looking for fewer tourists and more history, check out Kingman to Oatman via Route 66. "It's going through Sitreaves Pass. It's going through some high desert and brief pine and then you go through the old minery and all as your serpentine through this area so you're getting plenty of places to stop, plenty of photo opportunities, plenty of pull-offs. Then at the end you hit the old town of Oatman and that is cool."

From roaming burros to the historic Oatman Hotel where the likes of late actor Clark Gable stayed, the destination is well worth the trip.

Caraway admits, "In a down economy like we have right now, you put $7, $8 worth of gas in your gas tankyou're good for 200 miles and there is nowhere for $8 you can get this kind of entertainment that you can get riding a motorcycle through Sedona, Flagstaff, Jerome or Oatman."

If you would like to find out the rest of the trails visit Phoenix Magazine's website by . To visit Barry Caraway's website, .