Bad check writing bust nets 11 arrests

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The following is a press release from the Pima County Attorney's Office:

TUCSON -- Detectives from the Pima County Attorney's Office served 21 warrants and arrested eleven people today as part of a countywide sweep for bad-check writers.

The Pima County Attorney's Office Bad Check Program routinely sends notices to bad-check writers to notify them of a warrant for their arrest and inform them of their options for quashing the warrant. Those arrested today had received a notice within the past month but did not pay full restitution or turn themselves in. In total, the eleven men and women wrote almost $44,000 worth of bad checks to local businesses and individuals.

Three of the eleven arrested for bad checks in today's round up had outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions. The outstanding warrants included offenses such as outstanding child support payments and traffic warrants.

"These arrests are part of Barbara LaWall's ongoing efforts to ensure that bad-check writers are found and held accountable, paying restitution to the businesses and residents they have stolen from," said David McDonald, director of the Pima County Attorney's Office Bad Check Program.

Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall noted, "To write a bad check is to steal. This is a crime that can have a devastating impact on the individuals and local businesses of our community. To combat this problem, the Pima County Attorney's Office Bad Check Program has returned more than $10 million in restitution on over 113,000 bad checks that were issued to over 8000 individuals and businesses since its inception in 1996."