Woman accused in violent murder of Mesa man talks to 3TV

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Accused murderer talks to 3TV

MESA - An accused murderer opened up to azfamily.com's Claudia Rivero.

Police say Jodi Arias killed her ex-boyfriend but she has a very different story.

Arias was very calm, very composed, she talked about her religion and she put make-up on just before being interviewed.

Arias did not want 3TV to show her in handcuffs but what really stood out from the interview was how calm she was for someone who is facing a first-degree murder charge.

Arias is the prime suspect in the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. He was a motivational speaker who was found shot and stabbed to death at his Mesa home in June.

According to police reports, the victim was stabbed 27 times, his throat was cut from ear to ear and he was also shot in the head. Police say DNA evidence found at the scene matched the DNA sample that Arias provided to police shortly after the murder.

Arias paints a much different picture about what happened with Alexander. She says that she maintains her innocence and that she and the victim were really good friends and remained good friends even after they broke up. She also said she hopes police find the real killer.

"It doesn't prove that I committed a murderand I didn't commit a murder," she says. "I didn't hurt Travis. I would never hurt Traviswould never harm him physically." She admits, "I may have hurt him emotionally and I'll always regret that."

Jodi Arias is being held at the Estrella Jail on a $2 million bond.