Golfing ASU student causes $30K in damages

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Man caused $30,000 in damages

TEMPE - Talk about your expensive course fees. 3TV caught up with the 19-year-old Arizona State University student who decided to turn a mountain into his own personal driving range.

The Valley is well known for outstanding golf courses. However " A" Mountain is not one of them.

Nonetheless Tempe police say 19-year-old Cameron Trett decided to play from the rough and drive golf balls from the north side of "A" Mountain through the large windows of the Bridgeview Condominiums at Hayden Ferry Lakeside.

Police say Trett is now looking at more than just a stroke penalty for his iron work. Since the damage is estimated at over $30,000, he is facing felony charges.

3TV talked to the Arizona State student through the screen door of his parents Chandler home. He says he succumbed to peer pressure and says it was just a dumb mistake. "It was just a mistakejust something extremely stupid. I am very sorry about it. I never realized how much damage was being done. I didn't realize there was that much damage $30,000 dollars in damage is a lot."Police say the hazardous golfing sessions took place on three different occasions every month for the last three months. They also say they finally caught Trett after he left a credit card receipt on the ground next to some range balls.

He is now facing three counts of criminal damage.