Why gun sales are shooting up in Arizona

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Gun owners worried

PHOENIX -- Steve Saridakis, a Valley gun dealer put it like this.

"it's scary. I've had nightmares about this guy."

Obama says he does support the second amendment and a person's right to bear arms.

But in the past he has supported bans on semi-automatic weapons and on concealed weapons.

It's enough to make gun owners nervous.

Ron Bilodeau says "not so much fear, just major concerns."

Kirk Optepeke agrees, "they just talk about if Obama wins, some of our second amendment rights will be taken away from us."

And as a result gun shops across the country are seeing a spike in sales.

Nationwide, gun sales are up around 10 percent.

Dealers say some buyers fear a bad economy will lead to more robberies - and are buying guns for self defense.

But most we talked to say a possible Obama administration is driving sales.

"Specifically the assault rifles they think are gonna be banned," Saridakis says.

Obama doesn't own a gun. Mccain doesn't either, and he supports background checks at gun shows so gun owners say he's not the ideal candidate either.

Saridakis says "he's not a gun guy, but his vice president is."