Ultimate Cards fan sticks with team through thick and thin

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Meet the ultimate Cardinals fan

All eyes were on the Cardinals on Sunday but for one set of eyes this is a game that has been nearly a quarter of a century in the making.

"You've got to take the good with the bad," admits Richard Reid. "And the Cards were bad, but now every year you can see them getting a little better and a little better and they're heading in the right direction and it doesn't matter what happens on Sunday. It's the loyalty and it's the commitment."

Reid knows what it means to be a loyal fan. He tells 3TV, "I love football so much I have to support the local teams." He has been a Cardinals season ticket-holder since the team moved to the Valley back in 1988.

Reid has definitely seen a lot of changes over the years from players to coaches and even a brand new stadium. He shows 3TV a ticket and explains, "This is the first game Cards played in the new stadium.Cards versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. I saved the rest of the tickets for the first year because I felt it would be collector's items for my grandchildren."

But Reid's commitment to the Cardinals does not stop with him. His daughter Shannon Mayette has been a big fan since going to the games with her dad as a She tells 3TV, "He's funny .He gets really into it. He wears his headphones and calls the play by plays. He likes to talk loud and says stuff to the opposing teams fans, like ' This is the Cards house'."

Well these two die-hard fans could not wait to let everyone know whose house they were walking in on Sunday. They were both at the game.

"You've got to remember this team was 9 and seven 7 into the playoffs and everyone wrote them off," Reid explains. "They figured if they made one game it was a great season. The team came together as a team and they are playing like they belong in the Super Bowl."< /p>

And as for those fans jumping on the Cardinals bandwagon after all these years Reid says the more the merrier. "The more that we can build, I think that's what the Cardinals are doing now. They're building the population so when a team like Dallas or Pittsburgh or one of these other teams that comes in like the Jets or Giants...hey were behind the Cards now." He also admits, "The Cards are really the Cinderella of this year, 2008-2009."