Warehouse engulfed in flames keeps crews at bay

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Cause of blaze under investigation

PHOENIX - Crews were fighting to put out huge flames in the West Valley.

The fire broke out at about 7 p.m. at a warehouse near 27th Avenue and Osborn. The fire was so intense that when firefighters arrived on the scene there was not a whole lot they could do.

Rescue crews set up a perimeter around the fire, defensively, and simply surrounded it and drowned it. The flames were reportedly so bad that crews could not go inside the structure to see if anyone was inside.

Phoenix Fire says the building is a business called Hanson Pipe. The part crews believe was engulfed in flames was a 1,000-square-foot office area and investigators think it was mostly office supplies that burned.

It took almost 50 firefighters to put the fire out and to also protect the nearby businesses.

Investigators do not believe anyone was inside the building and there were no injuries reported.

Capt. Shelly Jamison with Phoenix Fire tells 3TV, "It immediately was working. We knew we had something serious and in order to do it rightdo it safefollow our procedures as we always do. We took as many hydrants as we could, put the ladders up, surrounded it and drowned it."

Fire crews do not know exactly what happened yet or what caused the blaze but also say the investigation is just beginning.